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000 million “landslides” (swipes or hits) daily in 2014.

What was once considered a site that primarily promoted fleeting encounters has become “the” point of union. I know of many successful relationships formed thanks to this digital application created to date someone you don’t know yet.

Match. It was one of the pioneer sites to meet people on the internet. At first it functioned as just a platform that required a comprehensive approach, a user profile with a lot of information and very specific details to find your perfect match.

Instagram. Although this might seem like the last place you would think of to find a partner, think only this: despite being a social network created to take, retouch and share photos and videos, it has the ability to promote interaction with other users, as well why not use it as a potential place to meet people? Maybe you will have to be a bit impetuous and even get to touch him or at least touch his feelings but isn’t that what you do with any romantic dating app? Come on, start putting your photo into circulation now!

Real Life. Yes, you read that right: real life! No, it is not the name of a new application. It simply means going out and meeting real people like the old days. You know, something like, “Hi, what’s your name?” Or ask your friends to introduce you to someone. And although I know that for us women who live in the fast pace of the big cities, it is difficult to get “in the game” in this way, there are a lot of people in the real world who are still fans of this kind of approach. , including myself. Sometimes going “old school” is the way to go, especially after everything going on with the Coronavirus, this could be a nice change of pace when social distancing ends and everything is back to normal. Try it, you never know!

There are, of course, second-line competitors as well, like Coffee Meets Bagel or Happn and The League, as well as niche apps, targeting ethnic backgrounds, income, and other preferences. But for the simpler people, as is my case, if you are looking for “romantic surprises”, I would suggest you follow the “Dating App 101” and you will find yourself participating in the game of dating in a trice.

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