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The early morning of that Madrid spring was cold. I hardly met anyone in the 7 streets that I walked to the 24h express bus stop at the airport. I was lucky and didn’t wait more than 5 minutes. Sitting on that yellow bus, I fiddled with the idea of ​​my blind date again and imagined the qualities of the chosen one: gastronomy, culture, art, elegance …

I arrived in Barajas at 7.15am. I was always a punctual girl. She was nervous, in a good sense of the word, and a little anxious. I looked at the big blue screen of white letters for “Departures” and I scanned all the destinations with my eyes. Which one would be waiting for me? What would my blind date be?

The time had come to unravel the great mystery. The heart began to pound and the hands became wet. I took my mobile, opened the WowTrip website, wrote my email and the reservation code. My hands were shaking. I clicked on the box that said “To the limit?” and I looked for the link that said: “Download one way boarding pass”.

Automatically a smile spread across my face. I hadn’t wanted to say it before, but my two favorite destinations – of the 20 offered on the company’s website – were Dublin and Porto. And there I was, two hours from boarding to find the city on the banks of the Douro River, with its facades made up of tiles and its wine with the oldest denomination of origin in the world.

During the two hours before boarding, I also took the opportunity to download the travel guide that they sent me with all the details and highlights of the city and look for the hotel that had been booked for me on the map.

Porto received me, contradicting the weather forecast and I’m sure it was only to seduce me – with a sunlight and a blue sky with few clouds. I looked up at the sky and smiled.

“Thank you for receiving me like this, with your best face and your best sun,” I thought, but didn’t say it out loud because I was still walking from the plane to the terminal.

From there everything was easy, fluid, simple. I took the metro from the terminal to Trinidade station. I walked just over 200 meters and was already at the hotel. I arrived too early to check in, so I left my backpack and went to explore that great city that I was lucky enough to have for my weekend date.

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